Montreal is a city of murals. There are tens of thousands of them sprinkled all around town: some are proudly displayed on busy intersections, others tucked away in forgotten alleyways. The creation of new murals happens almost indiscriminately: a business decides to paint one of its walls, or a property owner  decorates his or her garage door on a whim one day. Some murals are whimsical and have no meaning beyond the simple desire of self-expression, others carry a strong message and are linked to important causes like the disappearance of Aboriginal women. You could spend years walking all over Montreal and still stumble upon new murals you’ve never seen before. But if you want to watch a mural being made, there really is no better time than during the Mural Fest.

The Montreal Mural Festival happens once a year in the summer and lasts over a week. Fresh walls are picked around the city, but primarily in the Plateau and near the downtown core, and these over sized canvasses are assigned to artists come from all around the world to display their craft. Moreover, various businesses, museums, parks, etc. host events and activities all throughout the festival. With the Boulevard Saint-Laurent, its main artery, closed off to cars and full of food stalls and booths, Mural Fest is one of the best moments to explore the Plateau and see what it has to offer.

This year’s Mural Fest is taking place from June 9 to 19 and features an array of incredible artists as well as  a variety of concerts, exhibitions and cultural activities for young and old. Check out their website for a complete schedule and list of artists, and don’t forget to take a stroll along Saint-Laurent to catch a glimpse of some of the awesome art that is being displayed!

Missed the Mural Fest? You can still walk around the Plateau and see all the beauty for yourself.