Coming to a Canadian city as a tourist is fine and dandy, but when visiting different places, we often miss out on crucial parts of their history and identity. While you might take a stroll through the Old Port and get a feel for its colonial background, or spend an afternoon in ethnic neighborhoods like Little Italy, there is little opportunity to get acquainted with our rich Native American heritage.

Not so if you come to Montreal in early August, however! From August 3 to August 10, the city proudly hosts the annual First Peoples Festival to celebrate and highlight Aboriginal cultures, art, history and tradition in a multidisciplinary setting. The weekend will be rife with movie showings, concerts, street food, parades and activities, and stunning art and architectural installations will be on display at the Place des Festivals and surrounding areas. Come take a look and let yourself be transported on a cultural and historical discovery of this continent’s roots. You’ll find a full list of shows and events on the website.

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