Montreal is known for its style and the past few years have seen more and more sweet vintage shops opening, while decades old, beloved, places remain. While some of these take you back in time with a solid vintage inventory, others are a fusion of independent fashion, where you’ll find vintage pieces and quality secondhand clothing alongside new consignment from local designers, modern jewelry, stationary, and accessories. One of the most fun ways you can spend a relaxed afternoon, is hopping from one to another around the Plateau and surrounding neighbourhoods. Whether you want to add a Montreal flare to your wardrobe, or find a special gift, many gems are waiting for you.

1. Les Folles Alliées

22042035_10159525107290089_8436028101618424543_o.jpgLes Folles Alliées is tucked away on Mont Royal avenue and easy to miss, but it’s been in business for over 15 years. It’s a carefully curated collection of quality vintage items, costumes, and unique secondhand pieces. You can find great shoes, menswear, beautiful (cocktail) dresses, and plenty of accessories.

Where: 365 Du Mont Royal Av E

2. Eva B.

Photo by @svc_14

Eva B. is one of a kind. On two floors with multiple nooks and terraces for hanging out, it’s a café and vintage clothing boutique with coffee, food, books, costumes, and odd miscellaneous items in abundance. With great prices, you’re sure to find gems amid the large selection of vintage and secondhand clothing.

Where: 2015 St Laurent Blvd

3. Kitsch ‘n’ Swell

Photo by @kimkam97

Kitsch ‘n’ Swell is like stepping back in time to the 1950’s rockabilly era, with clothing and memorabilia galore. If you’re a fan of Mad Men style aesthetic, this is the place for you. A great place to find quirky gifts or add unique pieces to your wardrobe.

Where: 3972 St Laurent Blvd

4. Citizen Vintage

Photo courtesy of Citizen Vintage

With two locations on Saint Laurent, Citizen Vintage has a solid collection of funky, stylish second hand items, along with their super cute line of reworked vintage clothing. CV is a great place to add some cool recycled items to your wardrobe while supporting local entrepreneurs and fashion that is friendly for the planet.

Where: 5330 Saint-Laurent Blvd & 4059 Saint-Laurent Blvd

5. Empire Exchange


Empire Exchange‘s two locations in the Mile End, along with two sister fripperies nearby (Annex and Local 23) make a great destination for vintage/recycled/second hand shopping. In addition to vintage and second hand clothing, the newest Empire at 5225 St. Laurent has a great selection of stock from local artists, such as t-shirts, stationary and apothecary products. The original location further north on Bernard Avenue, has mostly used items, but of great quality and cool styles. Prices at both locations are quite good.

Where: 51 Bernard W. & 5225 Saint-Laurent Blvd

 6. Local 23


Local 23 just up the street from Empire on Bernard is slightly less curated and takes some sorting to get to the good stuff. It has a lot of charm however, and some great finds at good prices. It also tends to have a funkier selection of styles. Definitely worth passing by.

Where: 23 Bernard W

7. Annex Vintage


Annex Vintage carries both new and used stock with a fantastic selection of styles from local designers and artists. Upcycled clothing, unique handcrafted jewelry, artisanal incense, locally designed t-shirts, a good selection of secondhand and vintage, and much more.

Where: 56 Saint Viateur W.

8. Lost & Found


On Avenue du Parc, Lost & Found Shop has a nicely curated selection of clothing, retro furniture, and cool odds and ends. You’re likely to find vintage pieces from stylish brands, reasonable prices and a good selection of secondhand watches and sunglasses. Friendly and helpful staff playing great tunes make a pleasant shopping experience.

Where: 5319 Avenue du Parc