The areas surrounding Montreal offer numerous, beautiful hiking trails. From beginner to advanced routes, mountain trails to lake circuits, opportunities abound to take a breather from the city’s hustle and immerse yourself in the natural settings of Quebec. Here is a list of our favourite trails all within a few hours drive from Montreal.

  1. Dieppe Trail — Mont-Saint-Hilaire

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Small and picturesque, Mont-Saint-Hilaire is only a short 35-kilometre drive from Montreal. The nature reserve, under the ownership of McGill University, offers a 25-kilometre network of hiking trails. One of the last remaining old-growth forests in southern Quebec, it was designated a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1978. Hiking here is fun is because most of the trails form loops. The Dieppe is less heavily trafficked than some of the others and leads to an impressive view. Look for butterflies and peregrine falcons as you wind your way to the top.

Difficulty: Easy
Trail length: 3.7 KM
Elevation gained: 371 metres
Time: 1h15
Distance from Montreal: 35 Kilometres

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  1. Gorge Canyon Trail — Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook

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The Gorge Canyon’s formation started in the ice ages and today it is 750 metres long and a favourite hiking destination for nature lovers. The Gorge Canyon trail features the longest suspended footbridge in North America, a 169-metre-long, 50-metre-high suspension bridge that traverses the canyon. An observation tower is located on one side and offers a stunning view of the gorge.

Trail length: 3.5 kilometres
Time: 1.5 hours
Elevation gain: minimal
Distance from Montreal: 165 kilometres

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3. Mont Brassard Trail — Sept Chutes Regional Park

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What more could you want in a 3-hour hike than a loop trail with 7 different lookouts? The Sept Chutes Regional Park is a pristine natural setting with 12 km of hiking trails covering mounts Brassard and Barrière. The park’s stunning lookouts offer panoramic views of the Black River Valley, Lake Rémi, and Saint-Zénon.

Trail length: 6.7 km loop
Time: 3 hours
Distance from Montreal: 135 kilometres

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  1. Moose Back Loop Trail — Parc d’Environnement Naturel de Sutton

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With over 52-kilometres of hiking trails and four summits, the Parc d’Environnement Naturel de Sutton is a popular destination for nature lovers. Lesser known than the popular Round Top trail, the Moose Back loop offers views that are equally spectacular but with much fewer crowds so you can enjoy the natural environment in peace. This is a more difficult and less maintained trail suitable for experienced hikers.

Distance: 7.3 km loop
Time: 3 hours
Elevation: 380 m
Distance from Montreal: 116 km

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  1. Sentier des Lacs — Mont Saint-Bruno

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Parc National du Mont-Saint-Bruno is just a short drive from the Montréal metropolitan area and offers nearly 30 kilometres of hiking trails. The trails range from easy to intermediate in difficulty and lead you through an area filled with hundreds of species of flowers, trees, and plants. Not to mention some 200 bird species and about 40 mammal species that share the territory. The Sentier des Lacs is an 8.8-kilometre loop that meanders past all five lakes.

Trail length: 8.8 kilometres
Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Distance from Montreal: 25 kilometres

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  1. Le Grand Tour Trail – Yamaska National Park

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The 19 kilometre Grand Loop Trail in Yamaska National Park circles the Choinière Reservoir and is canopied with by trees along much of the route, making it a pleasant hike even on hot days. Lovely views of the lake and numerous picnic spots offer plenty of opportunities to stop for a breather.  Back at the tourist centre, where the trail ends, there is a great beach where you can enjoy a swim after your hike.

Trail length: 19-kilometre loop
Time: 5.5 hours
Elevation gain: Minimal
Distance from Montreal: 91 Kilometres

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